Glass fabrication is never complete without professional edge polishing and softening. It would be ridiculous to have a great glass-designed product that has unpolished and rough edges. You’ll therefore need a sophisticated glass cut finish that will add style and character to your glass while making it easy to clean and maintain.

The elegance of the edge polishing and softening of your glass will certainly be determined by the usage and application that you would like to put the glass to. Whether your glass cuts are for use in conference tables, partitions, dividers and doors, marker-boards, display cabins for retail products, hospitality requirements, or office environments, bespoke edge polishing and softening will be essential. Depending on the usage of the glass, custimised edge polishing and softening will increase the safety of the glass and prevent incidences of injuries that could result from glass chippings and jagged corners of the glass.

As with other glass fabrication services like Glass Cutting to Size, Cut-Outs; Glass Toughening/Tempering; Glass Lamination; Precision Glass Drilling; and IGU & Double Glazing, Edge Polishing and Softening required expertise to guarantee the delivery of the desired outcomes. This is why you should speak to Sunline Glass PTY Limited for all your glass edge polishing and softening requirements, including your glass fences and balustrades, glass gates, glass windows, shower screens, and kitchen splashbacks. We’ll provide you with the best glass edge polishing and softening solutions, namely, pencil edge polishing and softening, pencil satin edge polishing and softening, and flat edge polishing and softening.

The pencil edge polishing and softening is usually rounded and will be ideal for your glass tables that require glass protector tops. It can also be utilized on furniture and fixture pieces like mirrors, frames, display cases, and shelves. If you have glass utilities that are in high-traffic areas, our pencil edge polishing and softening solution will be great for your because it will help to protect against potential injuries that could be associated with the otherwise sharp and abrasive glass corners.

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