Are you in need of thermal insulation solutions? Sunline Glass PTY Limited offers you a range of made-to-order insulating glass units (IGUs) or has standard units that you could order at any time. Our IGU assembly line will provide you with modern IGUs that are superior in terms of their longevity.

Our double-glazing is informed by research on materials, size of the gap between inner and outer glass panes, temperature differences, workmanship, and the location of where the double-glazed glass will be installed both in terms of facing direction and the geographic location. So if you want to have double-glazed fences and balustrades, passive solar designs, curtain walls, glass gates, glass windows, shower screens, kitchen splashbacks, or for any other use, consider your order from Sunline Glass PTY Limited because we understand how to fabricate IGUs that will be purpose-specific.

You will need IGUs if you want to retain much more heat in your home or office during winter, which well help you to reduce heat loss and save energy. They will also help you to reduce heat gain during summer. You will also need IGUs if you want to reduce noise penetration and window condensation so as to provide warmer zones near your windows and increase the comfort of your office or home.

Having multiple-glazed glass windows will also enhance the security of your office or home because it will make it difficult for someone to break-in through the multiple-glazed windows. Having multiple-glazed shower screens and kitchen splashbacks will help you to save on energy because it will reduce heat loss into the atmosphere. This will help you enhance the energy efficiency of your home or office building as the reduced heat transfer due to the IGUs lowers the electrical power consumption required to heat or cool the space in the building. It significantly cuts down your electrical bills especially if you’re in an area that experiences extreme weather events.

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