Grass drilling requires utmost skill so as to have precise holes that are ideal for your specifications. Sunline Glass PTY Limited has the requisite capacity to cut and drill holes in any form of glass. We’ll do this to the most stringent hole-specifications. We’ll also deliver your precision glass drilling orders quickly regardless of the pieces of glasses that you would like drilled. Whether your order involves only a few pieces of glass or thousands of pieces, we’ll provide for you state-of-the-art precision glass grilling that is second to no other.

We’ve invested in superb precision glass drilling machines that are able to drill holes in any piece of glass from both sides of the glass. The machines employ laser technology that helps us to produce amazingly smooth finishes in each of the holes that we drill. This has made us the leading precision glass drilling service provider in Australia, which is why most clients seeking precision glass drilling make their orders with us. Whether you require drilling for glass doors, fences and balustrades, glass gates, glass windows, shower screens, kitchen splashbacks, mirrors, furniture, or some other applications, we’ll provide you with high-precision glass drilling.

We also specialize in the production of micro crack-free, high quality, and high aspect-ration microholes and microfeatures in glass substrates for use in applications like micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) device packaging, optical fibre alignment, mini-vision systems, and microelectronic packaging. While some glasses may have poor thermal properties, which makes the fabrication of finely machined features like grooves, microholes, etc., a challenging task, we’ve mastered the art of surmounting this challenge through the innovative application of pulse solid-state lasers with pulse durations in the nanosecond to femtosecond range to enable us perform drills in different types of glass materials.

Our precision glass-drilling experts keep the company’s innovation trend toward ensuring edge quality, circularity, aspect ratio, formation of the redeposit material, and machining rates. Our precision glass drilling will therefore provide you carefully drilled glass substrates for all your precision glass drilled glasses. We’re also conscious of the significance of the other precision glass drilling issues that are essential for the glass substrates that we’ll drill for you, including the focusing optics, laser power, wavelength, and repetition rates. We’ll take all precautions that you’ll suggest for your customised precision glass drilling so that the glass substrates that we’ll drill for you deliver for you the experiment results that are reliable.

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